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Monday, July 11, 2011

No Bake # 7: A Berry Delicious Coffee Break!

I tease my mother a lot because her picture should be in the dictionary next to "coffee addict". She's been drinking coffee since before she can even remember (possibly still in diapers and from the bottle, i'm guessing) and she HAS to have at the very least 4 cups a day at very specific times. It's nuts...and what's scary is that the longer I live at home the more I find myself falling into this pattern myself. So, in honor of my mother's obsessive love affair with coffee, I made a Berry Delicious Coffee Cake to give her and her coffee mug some company every time she indulges...which is really all the time.

The recipe is very simple (the way I like it!) and very fast. I'd suggest putting more graham cracker crumbs if you want an actual crust at the bottom, but otherwise it tasted really nice, the flavor in mine seemed to all be at the bottom, so the last bites were moist and sweet. I also added a lot more fruit than suggested, but that's never a bad thing in my opinion.

My mom seemed to like the cake, and in spite of the teasing I hope it encourages her to keep her coffee habit up, because she really is quite unpleasant when she doesn't get it ;) love you mom!

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