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Friday, July 8, 2011

No Bake #6: Piss Poor Planning Plus Popcorn

Ok so I don't know what possessed me to think that this no-bake could possibly be a good idea. First I'll tell you why I think it failed and then I'll give you the link to the orginal source.

1. I attempted to make something similar and while it was delish it was a disaster.
2. I attempted to mix hot popcorn and hot marshmallos together with my hands. Despite only minor burning sensations it took me a good while to destickify my self. It looked like I had massive worts all over my hands.
3. I didn't have all of the suggested ingredients and even attempted to pick the peanuts out of my chex mix to make up for it.
4. I like my popcorn salty and sprinkled with chocolate chips (occasionally), not room temperture and stale.
5. No one like stale popcorn.
6. I didn't have a bundt pan so I decided to make bars instead of a "popcorn cake" as suggested and forgot to grease the pan. Enter another disaster. But hey, weren't some foods invented "on accident"?

Anyway, you can find the recipe  HERE. I subbed in pastel colored marshmallows for the regular ones. They were on sale for like a quarter a few days after Easter while the Christmas themed marshamllows were still two bucks. Maybe people buy them year round? Can you imagine roasting Santa over the campfire. You'd be first in line for a lump of coal.

I also subbed a handful of chocolate chips for the m&ms, which I think the whole idea behind them is you get chocolate that doesn't melt as much. Whoops.

Anywhos, I present to you my popcorn "cake"

Maybe this wouldn't be such a bad idea if you had leftover popcorn from the night before, but it was definitely a waste of a good bag of popcorn. Actually, it expired in December as I bought it at a bend and dent for about a nickel, but the bag I had a few nights ago tasted fine. Well, I didn't really contribute much in the way of a usable recipe but I hope you got a good laugh of out of my misadventures.

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