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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Plum Yummy

I mentioned in this post that I was experimenting with turning my yogurt into dessert to compensate for my lack of oven.

Plums are in season now and are going for much cheaper than my usual summer favorite, peaches. So, I decided to play around.

I peeled, pitted and chopped 4 small plums.
I put them in a pot with a cup of water,  2 tablespoons of sugar and a sprinkle of cinnamon.

I let the mixture boil until the plums broke down.
I strained the mixture, retaining the liquid in a separate container.

I chopped and additional small plum or two and mixed with some plain or Greek style yogurt. I added the puree and stirred it in. In the future, I would leave out the extra chopped plum and just relish the creaminess.

The puree is totally delicious enough to eat on its own. It's warm and comforting. It's almost like the plum version of apple sauce.  But, as I mentioned before, I like the melty effect you get when you mix warm fruit and cold yogurt.

If you are using regular sized plums, I would only use two. These were real babies.

I retained the syrup with the intention of pouring it warm over my next yogurt. In the end, I drank it straight from the Tupperware container....mmmm!

As a side note, I also like chopped fresh plums mixed in with plain yogurt. It gives you a nice crisp taste, much like peaches and cream...but with er..plums.


How do you like your yogurt?

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Girl Scout Cookie Challenge

Long overdue, but here is a picture of my Girl Scout Cookie Challenge, for which I decided to make (drumroll)....Samoas Brownies! I used the recipe posted on the Back for Seconds website, and the brownies were super easy and delicious. My friend and her fiance had us over for dinner that day, and usually when we have dinner dates I try to make time to bake something...and then end up running out of time and having to run to the store and buy some yucky pre-made dessert, and then rearrange it on a nice platter to pretend I might have made it...but everyone always knows when they bite into something whether it was store bought or made from scratch at home ;) SO, it was really nice to actually show up with something that I had made with love and care, and that turned out delicious as well. This pictures shows the ganache, which was heavy but still very good. The only thing I might do differently next time is add a little bit more coconut as well....