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Friday, February 22, 2013

Chocolate Filled Valentine's Day Challenge!

My most recent baking challenge was perfectly timed for Valentine's Day, which I very much appreciated because I needed an excuse to indulge! This was my first Valentine's Day without my close friends and special someone nearby to celebrate so I needed a lot of chocolate as a pick me up! I found a recipe for a delicious Triple Chocolate Truffle Cake made with Ghiardelli Chocolate. The recipe was very easy and VERY rich, and I would very much recommend it because of how simple and sweet it was. It involves milk, semi-sweet and white chocolate topped off with a chocolate ganache. Additionally, this recipe involves using a water bath, which is something I use when I make my Cheese Flan and other desserts that don't need direct heat and are more delicate, like cheesecake and other custards. Enjoy the pictures below! I also added one that includes some Birthday/Valentine's Day love, which I greatly appreciated! Can't wait to see Rachel's coconut challenge!

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  1. I love getting to see your apartment! This looks so goooood. Sad I wasn't there to taste. I made mine this week and my post is coming soon!