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Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Microwave Cake Experiment: Part 1- The Chocolate S'more Cake

As you know, I have been without an oven for about 9 months now. This means I've done a lot of experimenting with stovetop and no bake desserts.

I've whipped up a plethora of yogurt flavors, a few of which I've blogged about here. I also like making cinnamon apples.

Last week, I had an epic fail trying out a stove top cobbler. The bottom was burnt, the top dough was raw.

Soon after, a friend brought by some muffins she made in the microwave. They were delicious! So it got me thinking back to the mug cakes I'd seen floating around the interwebs.

Today, I tried making the 5 Minute Chocolate S'mores cake from How Sweet Eats.

I didn't have graham crackers but I did have a few shortbread cookies leftover so I crumbled them to use as the crumb. In the future, I think if you don't have the graham crackers, just skip the crumb crust.

I layered the batter with marshmallows, as suggested, and it filled about 3/4 of the mug. I was concerned that it was too high, but I also thought that the marshmallows might melt down a bit, like they do when baked in the oven.

I was wrong.  After a minute and twenty seconds in the microwave, the top of the cake exploded out of the mug and all over the microwave.

Once, I got that cleaned up, the cake tasted pretty darn good. It was rich and chocoaltely. Towards the bottom, it was a little dry, but the rest of the cake was great. Maybe next time, I'll omit the cookie crust and start with a layer of marshmallows, to help keep the cake most.

Oh, and unless you are able to torch or broil them there is no need to top the cake with additional marshmallows, they don't get gooey enough.

I drizzled the top of the cake with shortbread cookie chunks rolled in leftover melted chocolate. mmmm----mmmmm good!

That cake on the side of the mug? It's leftover from the explosion!
Next week I'm planning on trying a blueberry coffee mug cake.
Here's to happy baking!
PS: Have you had any experiences with microwave baking?

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