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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Long Overdue Breakfast Baking Challenge!

In honor of these slightly ridiculous but much appreciated snow days I figured I would go ahead and get caught up on my last baking challenge! What's also nice about this last challenge is that I had some extra help in the kitchen by my cousin, who has moved back in to live with my family and I for a while and is also a natural when it comes to baking!

My challenge was to make a breakfast food...and it took me a long time to figure out what to make! But as I was browsing some options on Pinterest I came across of picture of Beignets, which are kind of like a deep fried donut, French style...and yay recipe! These also remind me of Princess and the Frog, which I just really love! Now, they traditionally considered a dessert food...but really, I think I would eat these for breakfast too!

The recipe was very simple, I followed this New Orleans Beignet Recipe  from Souther Living which had step by step PICTURES which is always much appreciated because I am a very visual learner. The only slight mishap we had was that the flour was somewhat more sticky than expected, but after a while we just started balling up dough in whatever shape we could get. Fried dough is just that, regardless of what form its in ;) They traditionally are eaten right after being fried, so I made my parents sit at the table and stuff their faces as we made them. Here are some pictures of our adventures...and a special extra one in honor of "snow day 2014".

My special helper, Jenn! She helped me make the batter while I was at work, which was way helpful!
My interpretation of a snowman. #idon'tknowhowtoreallymakeone

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