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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Candy Inspired Cupcakes!

So this post is very much overdue, and I especially know this because I made these cupcakes back when I was still wearing tank tops and shorts in the 90 degree weather back home, and am posting about it while snow sits on the streets and trees around my apartment up in MA. So many changes!

I had a great time making these cupcakes-there are so many decoration possibilities and flexibility which is what I really loved about this challenge. My family is also slightly obsessed with Almond Joys, which is why I find them tucked into all these random corners in our kitchen-we hide them from each other because otherwise you'd never get any! So my parents loved the cupcakes, I loved making them=winning!! ;)

I found this recipe on a great blog that did a series of candy bar inspired cupcakes. Definitely go check it out!

**Rachel's Next Challenge: Who doesn't love Rocky Road ice cream?! You're challenge is to bake something Rocky Road Inspired (cookies, cupcakes, anything!) Heres a recipe a friend of mine put on her own cooking blog if you want to try this.

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